All our Content Writing services are 100% original and it is handwritten by native english speakers in the United States.

Why choose Content Lobby?

Having 100 % handwritten unique and plagiarism free content is a must. Writing engaging content is an art, and at Content Lobby we can do all. Having content that is not 100% unique can result in fines, and a low domain authority, which will result in decreasing traffic. We can take your existing content and update it professionally making it more SEO friendly and visible on Google.

We use creative story telling to keep the readers engaged to learn more about your business. Being able to write in such way is a skill that we possess, and we would gladly help your business benefit of this.

Defining the target audience

When working with you we will first listen to you to be able to write about you, for your targeted audience. We need to understand who the targeted customer is and understand that this is very different for every business. We have clients who mainly have millennials as customers, that writing for them is very different then for baby boomers. Also, the use of British English for the commonwealth vs American English for the United States can be very different. Our team at Content Lobby can offer the right content for your business.

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