Content Writing Services

Content writing is an art form, where the content writer crafts a story bringing your brand to life. We can help you with the creation of consistent, concise, and engaging content, word by word. At Content Lobby we are experienced in writing content for any niche and about any topic. We use Search Engine Optimization (SEA) to optimize your content for the highest ranking. We can write new content or optimize by adding additional content in a consistent matter for a higher conversion rate.

Long Form Content

One of the biggest hurdles in content creation is the fact that readers often lack a concentration span to read big blocks of text. Still, it extremely important to offer long form content in 2021, even more then the years before. Publishing well written content with over 1000 words gives more opportunities for a website to establish authority in the search engines. More keywords and credible link building can be applied in long form content. Serious readers can find more qualified content with information that they seek in longer blog posts and e-books and will revisit your website.

Long from content examples

  • How to guides
  • Ultimate guides
  • Tutorials
  • Resource lists
  • Industry definitions
  • Case studies


Blog writing

As a business owner you often do not have the time to write different forms of blogs and articles every week. You need to spend your time running the business and focus on the day-to-day operation. At Content Lobby we can take care of the content every week, as ghostwriters, to guarantee consistent high-quality content for your blogs and articles.

Website Content Writing

When a potential customer lands on your website, their attention needs to be grabbed by compelling and informative information fitting with what they seek. Your website needs to showcase your business and the solution that they need. The content should flow and be read easily, making sure that the visitors remain engaged.

Product Descriptions

When having an Ecommerce store the product description is extremely important. It should motivate a visitor to act, to buy it. They should read why your product is the item that they seek. Our copywriters are highly skilled to create strong sales copy, resulting in more sales.

Content writing services at Content Lobby

Blog Posts

We offer content for blogs in all niches. Every blogpost is uniquely crafted and 100 % unique, where we carefully follow Googles content guides.

Content Generation

At Content Lobby we can create new content, or you can deliver us your content and we will optimize it for the search engines.

Web Copy

Good web copy will help a visitor navigate easily through the website and inform them all about your business and brand. Your landing page, your product page and “about us” page, are all part of web copy.

Flesch Reading Audit

Flesch Reading Audit is a rating which defines how easily your content is written. We will ensure that your website meets the requirements.

Product Reviews

Content Lobby can write all the product description for your Ecommerce store.

Storytelling Services

We have a team of creative copywriters who can tell a story about your business in a way to engage with the readers and make them want to learn more about your business.

Ghostwriting Services

Choosing a ghostwriter is having a copywriter provide the content for you, whilst keeping the ownership. You will hold all credits; the writer will never be mentioned.

Content Re-Writing Services

One of the largest tasks when having a website is to frequently update existing content. Even small changes have a great impact in the search engines. Updating your content keeps it relevant, and unique, something that search engines and visitors love. At Content Lobby rewriting content is a big part of any digital marketing strategy that we would conduct. Whatever your platform is, a website or a brochure, we can rewrite your existing content by improving the language and focusing strongly on SEO.